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​​Contract Compliance Officer Program

Can you afford a full time Compliance Officer? 

Let Centurion Management handle your compliance related work on a contract basis. You only pay for the services you need. The Compliance Officer Program is designed to be Comprehensive, Flexible, Easy and Cost Effective. Contract Compliance Officer Program Includes....

 * Regulatory Compliance Assessments
 * Operation Plan Development
 * Operation Reviews
 * Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)
​ * IRS  Section 280 Review

We can help with state specific regulation reviews!!!

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Professionalism, Integrity, Excellence!!

What you should know… before getting into the BOOMING marijuana industry!!

Where is information on regulatory requirements? 
What are the regulations I have to comply with?
Why is regulatory compliance so important?
Where do I get the help I need? 
How do I measure compliance?
How much will it cost?

Tax Preparation

Industry Events

Regulatory Assessments

Compliance Training

             State Specific RegulatoryAssessments
 We are here for you".... We provide "state specific" regulatory assessments tailored to the state you are operating in
 * Ohio -  The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program
 * Oklahoma - Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) 
 * Arkansas - Arkansas Medical Marijuana Program
 * Michigan -  Senate Bill 660 and the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act
 * Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Department of Health/Medical Marijuana Program

Specialist in Small Business Development​​​

​​Centurion Management will help new business owners, entrepreneurs and industry professionals develop Business Plans, Compliance Programs and Operations Plans for new and existing cannabis related business.
Our professional, experienced consultants will perform an onsite assessement of your proposed business.  The results of this assessement are used to align your business with the regulatory and legal requirements of your city, state or county​.
 Accounting & Record K​eeping
Good accounting and record keeping is essential to the success of any business, this is especially true of the legal marijuana industry.
Watch this space for information about upcoming training courses, new product announcements and special programs!!!

The Cannabis Business Report (CBR) Blog!
 For Complete, Consistent and Accurate" reporting on the ...Emerging Legal Marijuana Marketplace/Supply Chain
The Cannabis Business Report will debut on April 20, 2019 
Cannabis Business Report (CBR) Blog will provide up to the minute reporting and insight into the emerging legal marijuana market/supply chain.  With the increased legalization of cannabis  a whole new supply chain is develeloping "right before our eyes". The CBR Blog will address the pertinent issues impacting this new market/supply chain.

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